A journey to health, happiness, and higher mountains


Who am I?

I’m Astrid Lacroix, also known as Miss Astrid depending on which circles you run in. I’m a musician, MC, and writer currently studying classical violin performance and music production at a conservatoire in the UK, but this blog is not about that.

So what is the blog about?

This blog documents my recovery and management of several long term physical and mental illnesses, and also is intended to help inspire and motivate other people while breaking down stigma. It discusses health, fitness, and self improvement.

I am currently managing Borderline Personality Disorder (known as EUPD in this country), PTSD, agoraphobia and orthostatic hypotension. I have been diagnosed with both anorexia and bulimia at different times in my life, and though I no longer consider myself to fit the criteria for either, I still struggle with disordered eating.

Why the name ‘Chasing Winters’?

In 2015 I never had a summer. I spent the British season experiencing the really rather warm Australian winter instead, and because of my hatred of hot weather I joked to a friend at that time that I would be happy to spend the rest of my life just jumping from continent to continent “chasing winters”.

In the summer of 2016 I took up snowboarding to try to improve my health and wellbeing after struggling with severe mental health issues, which is when I started this blog. I spent more time and money on the slope than in the sun, and it truly became my goal in life to just live in perpetual winter.