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How Snowboarding Has Changed My Life

I may not have been snowboarding for long and I may not be very good, but riding has already changed my life in ways I didn’t think was possible. Of course, when I took it up my intention was that it would help me to…

Small Steps Really Can Take You Long Distances

On Tuesday I walked 20km with no fainting, kept myself adequately fuelled, hydrated and fully enjoyed my time in the sun. This is a pretty big achievement when you consider that not so long ago, back when my health was so terrible that simply walking could be at times…

How I’m Preparing For Snowboarding Lessons


I imagine that sometime after the 24th May I will follow this post up with a “How I Really Should Have Prepared for My Snowboarding Lessons” type of entry, detailing all the things that I missed out or how I should better have focused my energy, but given that these preparation weeks are just as much a part of my journey it seems fitting to truthfully document what I am doing right now.

Bear in mind I have never been on a snowboard before in my life, I am a weak and unfit human with a small fainting problem, and I’ve basically leapt into this with the hope that I can change all of that. I have no real clue as to what I should be doing with exception of the few tips I could find on forums, Reddit, and a few workouts in various Snowboarding magazines.


My diet is going to be possibly the most important part of getting myself prepared, particularly as I am still recovering from my eating disorder. I need to make sure I am properly fuelling my body to stay alive and upright, as well as for the activities I’m planning, which is not something I’m always good at.

I have been vegetarian my whole life, and due to food allergies I had to cut gluten and dairy out of my diet, eventually leading me to ethical veganism. Due to a decline in my mental health recently though, I’ve become a lazy “junk food vegan”, so to turn things around I’m planning on following a clean, high carbohydrate, plant based diet with a little extra salt as per the doctor’s orders right now.

Most importantly, I’m going to make sure to eat enough to hopefully gain muscle – a minimum of 1700 calories every day. I wear a Fitbit HR so I know exactly what I burn from my activities and what I should be eating, and can adjust accordingly. Under no circumstances will I  eat less than 1000, or will I allow myself to purge or engage in other disordered behaviours.


I have already begun the Couch to 5k running programme in order to somewhat improve my health, and I kayak on Wednesday nights. However, building muscle is a priority or else cardio could end up doing more harm than good with the way that my heart is at the minute.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are weightlifting days, and my research has lead me to believe I will need to seriously strengthen up my core and my legs, so I will be prioritising ab workouts and squats.

On top of this, I am getting back into yoga for both my mind and my body, and a side goal of mine for 2016 is to hopefully improve my flexibility back to the point it was at a few years ago, back when I was training and had hoped to professionally go into dance and circus artistry.

Whether or not this is the best way for me to be preparing remains to be seen, but if you have any tips for me please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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